A Massive defect occurring during the book manufacturing process could cause great frustration as well as risking potential supplier's credibility. It could also impact the marketing strategy, plus the long term cost of the manufacturing process.

  Due to an absence of specialists in the book publishing industry to resolve the manufacturing defects, the usual alternative has been a massive destruction of the defective books. The manufacturer has always burdened the unnecessary cost of the product destruction.

  Nudea, one of the leading Thumb Indexing specialists in the world, is proud to provide a solution to book manufacturing defects at most competitive cost to any book publishing company in U.S.A. Since the company's relocation to Louisville, KY, in 1998, Nudea has been providing book repairing services to world renowned publishers and earned solid credit from them.


Book Content Errors on: Binding (Additional pages, missing pages, un-cut flaps)
Bonding (Loose chapters or pages)
Printing (Wrong fonts)

Cover Errors on: Ink Stains
Glue Stains
False Imprints (Caused by gilding process)
Moisture Damages
Nicks, Small Cuts
Loose Ends

Packaging Errors on: Wrong Stickers
Shrink Wrapping

Miscellaneous: New Page Insertions
Special Order Packaging

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